Hi, I am Milan Lund!Freelance Web Developer with Kentico Expertise

I specialize in building and maintaining websites on the Kentico platform.

What I can help you with

🎯 Consulting

Receive personalized advice tailored to your Kentico-based website needs.

👨‍💻 Development

Get a custom small or mid-sized website developed in Kentico based on your specification and design.

🛠️ Maintenance

Benefit from ongoing troubleshooting, optimization, and enhancement services for your Kentico website, even if developed by another provider.

About me

Based in the Czech Republic and working worldwide, I provide flexible web development services. Whether you need consulting, maintenance for existing sites, or end-to-end development for small to mid-sized projects, I'm here to help.

Milan Lund

My Journey

  • In 2008, I began my career coding web templates.
  • By 2010, I had added expertise in the Kentico CMS Portal engine and .NET framework.
  • Transitioning to freelancing in 2015, I not only refined my technical skills but also improved my ability to communicate with clients and manage projects effectively.
  • In 2017, I expanded my skillset to include Javascript-based technologies, including Node.js, React, and Typescript.
  • Adapting to Kentico's shift towards .NET MVC, I stay current with Kentico Xperience 13 and Xperience by Kentico products.
  • Over the years, I've earned recognition as a certified developer for the Kentico platform.

Hire me

If you believe I can assist you, please feel free to reach out via email. We'll discuss your requirements and gather basic technical information about your project. If we find that I am a good fit for your needs, we can move forward with our collaboration.


Client Portfolio Over the Years

Kontent.aiKenticoKomerční bankaLidi z baruAnybodyPPGUniqaAruba.it

…and I also assist a couple of digital agencies worldwide with their projects.

And What They Say

  • Milan has been an integral part of our organization for many years now. We worked on multiple projects together with various levels of difficulties and I can’t imagine working on a Kentico project without his participation. You can always rely on the most honest and informed advice from him as well as the quality and speed of code implementation. He is a real asset to our team, and I highly recommend his services.Victoria Rossihin, Informed Motion Group, Founder and CEO
    Victoria Rossihin
  • Milan has helped us to build a documentation portal for a SaaS product. Thanks to the third-party services integrations and ongoing optimization, we were able to improve customer's experience in solving problems and provide higher value in education. If you are looking for a developer who fulfills your (even wild) requirements and helps you bring your vision to life, Milan is the one.Jan Cerman, Kontent.ai, Senior Content Developer
    Jan Cerman
  • Milan has always been honest, helpful, and professional. We can really count on him to deliver what he promises. He is a passionate developer who knows what he’s doing and, moreover, he is able to teach others as well.Lukas Martinak, Kentico Software, Customer Success Director
    Lukas Martinak
  • I worked with Milan in a multidisciplinary team on creating international projects. Milan is an excellent collaborator and team member. He shows great attention to detail and is an expert in front-end and Kentico development.Andrea Mancini, Aruba S.p.A., Head of UX/UI Design
    Andrea Mancini
  • It was like sailing into the waves of the 'blue ocean' with someone who can create solid ground with a paradise garden and a tea kettle whistling at five, out of a few pieces of clay, in the middle of the Maelstrom.Adam Vodicka, Anybody, Principal
    Adam Vodicka
  • Working with Milan is a journey of constant surprises. His results consistently exceed my initial expectations. His meticulous nature ensures nothing is overlooked, and I can rely on him completely.Jan Vlachynsky, Lidi z baru, Founder and CEO
    Jan Vlachynsky

My personal knowledge base

When working on projects, I sometimes encounter challenges that are not immediately solvable. In addressing these issues, I aim to find solutions that may be useful in the future. To benefit both my future self and other developers, I share these solutions.