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Hiding a widget property in Kentico Xperience 13 Admin

In this post, I will share a tip on how to hide a widget property in the Xperience Admin 13 while it is still available in the backend code.

Considering the following scenario

I need to have a property in a widget. I want to make that property always hidden in the UI. However, I want to be able to work with that property in the backend code. For example, set its value in a view like:



The solution is to add a VisibilityCondition to the property and create a custom visibility condition that always returns false.

Code example

Widget property definition:


Visibility Condition definition:


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Milan Lund is a freelance web developer with expertise in Kentico. He specializes in building and maintaining websites on the Kentico platform. Milan writes articles based on his project experiences to assist both his future self and other developers.

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