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Easter eggs in Kentico

What is really great about having friends among people who create Kentico is not only I have someone I can play sports with or hang out. They also keep me updated about what’s happening at Kentico and sometimes they show me what’s hiding behind the curtains. And I am super excited I can share with you some fancy features which are not described in any documentation — Easter eggs.

ASCII art in macros

There are 3 macros which give you an unexpected result in a form of ASCII art. The best way how to display them is to type in these macros into content of the Static text web part and show source of a live site. If you want to display ASCII art on a live site use the Monospace or the Courier font family.

The first 2 easter egg macros celebrate an employee of Kentico. He is not an ordinary one. He is a true hero. His engineering in the field of .bat files is well known for all Kentico employees but he wants to remain incognito in public. You will never find his name or even a photo. He is known as Dalos and his face is encrypted in 2 Kentico macro expressions.


The third macro expression is just a small ASCII picture of a bunny.


Web.config key

Kentico offers a lot of web.config keys which provide you with some specific functionality. You can place keys into your web.config file in the appSettings section to make them work. There is 1 easter egg key which makes icons in the Pages application rotating.



And that’s it! I was talking to one of Kentico Technical leaders and I was told they consider removing these easter eggs in Kentico 9. So try them before you upgrade!

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Milan Lund is a freelance web developer with expertise in Kentico. He specializes in building and maintaining websites on the Kentico platform. Milan writes articles based on his project experiences to assist both his future self and other developers.

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