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Hi, I am Milan Lund!Full Stack Web Developer

I specialise in building websites and web applications with and Kentico platforms.


Before we start working together, I would like to ask you to acknowledge how I co-operate with my clients.

I run a freelance business and I love to establish long-term relationships with my clients. Therefore, I have multiple standing clients who come to me with new projects and maintenance tasks. If you'd like to hire me for your project, please contact me at to discuss my current availability.

Type of work

I consider and possibly accept projects that utilize or Kentico.

Please contact me at to discuss your project details.


I work 100% remotely from Znojmo, Czech Republic. The timezone is GMT +1. If inevitable, I am open to occasional traveling.


I work based on an hourly rate which is 80 USD / 75 EUR / 65 GBP / 1800 CZK. I invoice every month for work that has been done during the previous month. For EU-based clients, I accept payments via bank transfers. For clients from other countries, I accept payments via PayPal.